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What is Marketing ?


Marketing as a term is widely used in management of business and in  our day to day life

And if we go back into the history then we find the existence of marketing

In the beginning of civilization, it all started with the barter system, when the buyers and sellers exchange their goods and services

Marketing as a topic first appear in the first half of the 20th century with reference to distribution

In marketing we study the process of distribution and determination of price throw the demand and supply

That's why Economic is the mother of marketing

The simplest way to understand what is marketing is to identified and meet the needs of the consumers.

As a marketer you tried to identify the needs of the consumer and you need to fulfill the  needs of the customers

If you can identify and fulfill the needs of the customers in a better way you are a good marketer

Acc. To philip kotler - C C D V T P , it means marketing is all about Creating, Communicating,Delivering, Value to the Target market for Profit.

What do you mean by value?

Value is all about cost vs benefit

Once you pay money that become your cost and once you pay up that money , then you except certain things in returns, you except  certain benefit in return.

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