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understanding diversity

Diversity in India - 

India is a country of many diversities.we speak different Languages ,have various types of food. Celebrate different festivals. Practice different religions but actually if you think about it ,we do many things that are similar except that we do them in different ways .


  •  different ways in which people pray .
  • different ways in which people greet each other.
  • different ways in which people cook rice.

Often they went in search of new lands or new places to settle in, or for people to trade with, and because it took so long to travel, once they got to a place people stayed there, often for a long time many others left their  because there were famines and drought and they could not get enough to eat . Some went in research of work while others left because there was a war.

Diversity also comes about when people adapt their lives to the geographical area in which they live.
Example- living near the sea is quite different from living in a mountainous area .

Not only people have different clothing and eating habits, but even the kinds of work they do are different.

Unity in diversity-

India's diversity has always been recognised as a source of its strength . When the British ruled India , women and men from different cultural religious and regional backgrounds came together to oppose them . India's freedom movement had thousands of people of different backgrounds in it . They worked together to decide joint actions. They went to jail together.

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