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Executive Magistrates

Executive magistrates
Section 20 of the criminal procedure code : Executive magistrates
In every district and in every Metropolitan area, the state government may appoint as many persons as it thinks fit to be executive magistrate and shall appoint one of them to be the district magistrate.
The state government may appoint an executive magistrate to be an additional district magistrate and such magistrate shall have [such] of the powers of a district magistrate under the code or under any other law for the time being in force [as may be directed by the state government].
Whenever, in consequence of the office of a district magistrate becoming vacant,  any officer succeeds temporarily to the executive administration of the district, such officer shall, pending the orders of the state government exercise All the Powers and perform all the duties respectively conferred and imposed by is code on the district magistrate.
The state government may place an executive magistrate is charge of a subdivision and may relieve him of the charge as occasion requires, and the magistrate so placed in charge of subdivision shall be called the sub divisional magistrate.

Classes of Executive Magistrates:
There are five classes of executive Magistrates-
The district Magistrate
The Additional District Magistrate
The Sub-Divisional Magistrate
Executive Magistrate
Special Executive Magistrate

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