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United Nations Organisation

Origin of the U.N.O.

The UNO came into existence in 1945, The charter of the UNO was signed on 26 June, 1945. it come into force on October 24,1945.

The Charter of the U.N.O.

The Charter is the constitution of the U.N.O. it contains the aims and purposes of the organisation and the rules and regulations for achieving these aims.

Aims and Objects

To maintain international peace and security.

To develop a spirit of cooperation and friendly relations among the nations of the world.

To promote and encourage respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms.

To solve International problems of economic, social, cultural and humanitarian character.

To employ International machinery for the promotion of economic and social advancement of peoples. 

Flag of the U.N.O.

An emblem superimposed on light blue background. The emblem consists of the global map projected from the north pole and embraced in twin olive branches.


The official languages of the U.N are English French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Spanish but the working languages are English and French only.

How to get membership of the U.N.

To become a member of the United Nations a country,

Must be peace loving, willing to accept the aims and objects and rules of the charter, and be judged by the UN as able to carry out these aims.

The security council must recommend the new member.

The general assembly must confirm the recommendation by a two- third majority vote.

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