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Daily English Vocabulary

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Impugn : challenge, attack, contest

Reject : to refuse to accept

Select : to choose

Indict : charge , to accuse of wrongdoing

Support : give encouragement to someone






Impunity : freedom from punishment due to results of action

Support : give encouragement to someone

Correctness : free from error

Impudence : not showing due respect

Responsibility : a duty, state of being answerable

Confusing words

•     Climatic 


•    Deface


Climatic : relating to climate

Climactic : relating to climax 

 Deface : disfigure

 Efface : wipe out







Abnegation : to give up a right or claim

Aboriginal : native

Abortive : fruitless, futile

Abridge : shorten

Abrogate : abolish some custom







Docile : ready to accept instructions, manageable

Changeable : capable of being changed

Strong : powerful, tough, unyielding

Stubborn : contrary,willful, refusing to move

Submissive : Obedient



•Like minded


Considerate : consciously observant

Agreeable : ready to agree, willing

Kind : a type, one’s inherent nature

Like minded : of similar opinion

Thoughtful : considerate

One word substitution

:Doubtful about the existence of god

:Commencement of adjacent words with the same letter

•Doubtful about the existence of god : Agnosticism

•Commencement of adjacent words with the same letter : Alliteration

Idioms and phrases

•Bed of roses

•Bed of thrones

•Bell the cat

Bed of roses : pleasant situation of comfort

Bed of thrones : a situation of extreme difficulty

*Bell the cat : ?

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