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Current affairs MCQ's (03-01-2019)

Q1. What is the theme of ISC 2019.
A. Future India, science and technology
B. Revolution in science
C. Science and technology are best friends
D. NONE of these
Q2. Which country introduced GAFA tax on global internet technology firms.
A. Germany
B. France
C. America
D. None of these
Q3. Which of the following countries officially quit UNESCO.
A. US and Mexico
B. US and Israel
C. US and Italy
D. None of these
Q4. Who has received 12th Shankar Vaidya Shree award .
A. Dr. Rajan Deshpande
B. Dr. Aamir vajpayee
C. Dr. Gehlot Khanna
D. None of these
Q5. Who is the governor of Telangana.
A. E.S.L Narsimha
B. Anandi Bhai Patel
C. Baba Majid
D. None of these


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