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Current affairs MCQ's with answers (31-01-2019)

Q1. National statistical commission was setup on the recommendation of
A. Rangarajan committee
B. Raghuram committee
C. Sita Ram committee
D. None of these

Q2. The central bank of UAE and Saudi Arabia will launch digital currency called
A. Aber
B. Dber
C. Chuner
D. Amer

Q3. The beating retreat ceremony was held on ......every year.
A. 26th Jan
B. 27th Jan
C.28th Jan
D. 29th Jan

Q4. The Africa centre for sustainable development opened by Italian government in association with UNDP at
A. Rome
B. Capetown
C. Nigeria
D. Nairobi

Q5. According to transparency international corruption perception index which country lies at last
A. Somalia
B. Denmark
C. Pakistan
D. Indonesia

Correct answers

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