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One liner law facts -2

👉Supreme Court stated that the term “life imprisonment” should be clarified as a whole of the remaining period of life of the convict's natural life and not 14 years or 20 years in jail.

👉Shortest tenure of Ex-Chief Justice of supreme Court till date is Justice K.N. Singh from 25th November, 1991 to 12 December,1991.

👉Punishment for manufacturing, selling and dealing with spurious drugs is death sentence.

👉Number of ministers in a state including chief Minister can be up to 15% of the total number of members of the Legislative Assembly of that state.

👉International Labour Organization formulates International Labour Standards in the form of conventional recommendations.

👉Political sovereignty is constituted by people.

👉A contract with or by Minor is void.

👉Kidnapping is the taking away or abducting a person out of another's custody or from lawful guardianship.

👉Desertion means abandonment of one spouse by another spouse.

👉Deponent is a person who makes an affidavit.

👉Anticipatory bail is grant or release of an accused where he is apprehended by police for his arrest.

👉Cognizable offence is the offence for which police can arrest without warrant.

👉Contempt of court means wilful disregard of disobedience to a court of law.

👉Court fee is the fee payable on filing of a suit, application or Appeal in a court.

👉Criminal misappropriation is the dishonest misappropriation or conversion of one's use of any movable property.

👉Death sentence is an extreme penalty given in the offence of rarest of rare cases.

👉Dying declaration, is a statement by a person as to cause of his death.

👉Witness is the person who gives details of his evidence in the court.

👉Bail is releasing of an arrestee after taking a bond or surety.

👉Public Interest litigation is the process of the litigation which is filed in a court by any public spirited citizen for the cause of others.

👉Separation of power is the system where the state organs like executives, judiciary and legislature are separate from the each other.

👉Summons case is the case relating to an offence not being a warrant case.

👉Unlawful assembly is the association of five or more persons pursuing a object of doing or inspiring a crime.

👉Lady police officer can arrest the women accused after sunset and before sunrise on getting permission from first class judicial magistrate.

👉An appeal to supreme Court can be made from certain orders passed by the central government or by MRTP Commission.

👉Central government constituted a new administrative reform commission to work on restructure of Indian Civil Services.

👉Protection against arrest and detention includes right to consult and to be defended by lawyer of one's own choice.


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