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One liner law facts--1

👉son has no right to live in self acquired house of parents (Delhi high court, November 2008).

👉Law day is celebrated on 26th November every year.

👉A second marriage by a government servant in violations of service rules can be valid ground for forcing him or her to compulsory retirement.

👉Probate is a proceeding before proper authorities by which a person's will or testament is established.

👉“Cyber Terrorism” is an international negative and harmful use of the information technology for producing destructive and harmful effects to the property whether tangible or intangible e.g. hacking of computer system.

👉Right to information became statutory right from 2005.

👉Right to life means not like animal existence.

👉Written statement is the pleading filed by defendant in a suit stating his grounds of his defence.

👉Disputes relating to election is heard by supreme Court and high court.

👉Husband is also eligible for maintenance.

👉Right to contest election is a statutory right not a fundamental right.

👉Rajasthan for the first time implemented panchayati Raj system.

👉Prosecution under Indian penal code can be brought at any time after the commission of an offence.

👉Clemency of capital punishment is granted by president of India.

👉Jurisprudence is the philosophy of law relating to its fundamental principles.

👉Writ is the royal command of the court for enforcement of fundamental rights.


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