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what is reading?

Reading is one of the primary skills to acquire knowledge. The style of reading differs according to our aim. For example, if we read for pleasure or more enjoyment we read extensively and gather general idea. While reading for a test, we go through the text intensively in order to understand its meaning at the surface level as well as deeper level. You might have seen busy persons going through the pages of a morning newspaper. They are skimming or reading quickly to get an idea of the contents. On the other hand, young scholars like you, go through the next carefully and slowly, scanning it for gathering specific information. In other words, The Reading Process. Reading is a process that involves recognizing words, leading to the development of comprehension.

According to research, reading is a process that negotiates the meaning between the text and its reader. The reading process involves three stages.

The first is the pre-reading stage, which allows the reader to activate background knowledge, preview the text, and develop a purpose for reading. A strategy for students to utilize during this stage is to look at the title of the selection and list all the information that comes to mind about the title.

The second stage occurs during reading, when the reader makes predictions as they read and then confirms or revises the predictions. For example, double-entry journal enable the reader to write the text from the reading on one side and their personal reaction on the other side.

The final stage occurs after reading and allows the reader to retell the story, discuss the elements of a story, answer questions and/or compare it to another text. For example, students can create summaries, where they take a huge selection and reduce it to its main points for more concise understanding.

what is comprehension?

Comprehension means understanding. The passages set in examination are of unseen type and aim at testing the reading skills. Students are expected to understand the content, theme, main ideas as well as the specific meaning of words in the context. You may be required to answer questions which are designed to test-

Grasp of the main theme of the passage,

Grasp of essential details,

Power of observation,

Understanding of main ideas in relation to the main theme, and

Ability to select the most appropriate answer.


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