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Current affairs MCQ's with answers (13-03-2019)

Q1. Astronomers from Thiruvananthapuram and Mumbai have identified a new population of ultraviolet stars in the globular cluster NGC 2808 using the Indian multi-wavelength space observatory
A. AstroSat
B. Restrosat
C. Masterosat
D. None of these

Q2. According to the report by world gold council India stands at which position in gold reserve.
A. 9th
B. 10th
C. 11th
D. 12th

Q3. The 38th GeeBee Boxing Tournament was held at
A. Finland
B. Ireland
C. Australia
D. Canada

Q4. Who is the winner of gold medal in 56kg at the 38th GeeBee Boxing Tournament.
A. Kavinder Singh
B. Kulwinder Singh
C. Kuljeet Singh
D. None of these

Q5. How many Indian states have banned e- cigarette.
A. 10
B. 11
C. 12
D. 13

Correct answers

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